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Genealogy services provided by Grażyna Rychlik / Guiding and Genealogy Services Poland offer a range of useful tools to help learn more about history of the family coming from the territory of historic Poland.

Each genealogy project responds to Client's brief and recognizes specific (research) needs based on material provided by Client or objectives set. Below you can find a list of most popular services:
  • Research in state archives, local parish churches etc.
  • Obtaining copies of vital records on behalf of Clients
  • Translation of records, inscriptions on letters, photos etc. (Polish, Russian, Latin, German)
  • Analysis of family photos
  • Identification of ancestral locations on the basis of material provided by Clients on the territory of historic Poland (covering area larger than Poland within the present borders)
  • Field research / travel to ancestral locations / subject to request
  • Photography services
  • Finding living relatives
Even if you don't know where to start or have - in your opinion - not enough information to even think about how you could start - it is worth trying because with help of a professional you can get to amazing results.

Aleksandra Chwatow

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