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There is nothing better than the word of mouth...

I don't up-date this section of my web site regularly but would like to share some of the reviews on my work both as a tour guide and a genealogist with you. Sometimes these two come together. Some of my Clients pre-order a research prior to their planned journeys to Poland. Some of my Clients visit Poland on private or organized tours and later commission genealogy projects. There is however a number of my Clients who never personally met me.

Today's world cannot (or so it seems) function without the internet. This is how many of my genealogy Clients and traveling Clients find me. Internet is a great tool but can be full of invisible traps. Here I would like to take the opportunity to thank all my Clients who took the risk to hire me in Poland using only this means of finding a reliable guide/genealogist in Poland.

Also I would like to thank all my Clients for many good words they wrote.

Especially I would like to say that I have greatly enjoyed working on all genealogy and family history projects and I hope I will be able to help many more Clients in determining their places of origin in (historic) Poland as well as show them the country of their ancestors and if such is the request find long forgotten living relatives.

Majority of my Clients come from the U.S. but in my guiding capacity I have worked with people from all over the world. In the fields of genealogy and ancestral travel I worked with Clients from the U.S., U.K., Israel, Spain, Norway, France, Holland.

I also hope that more and more people who have no family connection with Poland will come to visit simply out of interest in this country, its rich history determined not only by the power of the nation but also by the geo-political position in Europe.

Even though sometimes we cannot separate the two I put all testimonials posted in two categories. Please click on the link on the left to go to 'Guiding' or 'Genealogy' testimonials section.

Grażyna Rychlik

Aleksandra Chwatow

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