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Below are testimonials and impressions from travelers who toured Poland and sometimes other Central European countries with me. Some were not edited to maintain their genuine character.

Hi Grazyna,
I wanted to tell you again how great the trip was for John and me. We both enjoyed the whole experience. I had looked forward to Budapest and Prague and thought Poland was a nice addition but I wasn't excited about it. It turned out that I loved Zakopane, Krakow and especially was surprised at how enthusiastic I came away about Warsaw. I would have loved an additional day in each one. It was wonderful to have you in charge of us and I really enjoyed especially your talks on Polish history. I had read "The History of Poland" by Biskupski last summer and thought it was interesting and not boring at all but much better hearing it from you.
Marian and John David

Here I would like to show some of anonymous assessments of my work written in evaluation questionnaires by members of one of the groups I tour-managed in Poland in 2009. Please click on the small picture to enlarge it into readable format.

My wife and I were on a two week tour of Poland in the summer of 2004. Grazyna Rychlik was our tour escort and we found her to be an extremely capable and congenial person. We are planning another tour in the summer of 2006 where we will be taking or entire immediate family (our children, their spouses and our grand-children). We were so impressed with Grazynas ability that we have asked her to be our escort for this upcoming tour.
Edward & Marcia Hencinski
St. Augustine, Florida

Dear Grazyna
I am happy to reply to your request to describe our visit to Poland in September of 2004. It was a wonderful trip for us and for our group who wanted to experience the history of your country and especially its recent history. We traveled widely out of Warsaw and Krakow. Your country is less well known to Americans than those of western Europe so the visit under your guidance was especially enriching.....................
Jim and Hilda Stone of South Carolina

We traveled to Poland in August, 2005 with Grazyna as our country guide. What a great experience! She is knowledgeable, professional, and very organized. What we especially appreciated is her additions to the lectures we heard about Polish history and daily life. We have traveled many places in the world and rate Grazyna as one of our top tour guides! We hope you all have a chance to let her help introduce you to Poland.
Maureen and Dan Habel
Long Beach, California, USA

My wife and I participated in an Elderhostel tour of Poland in May 2004. Grazyna was on hand to greet us in Warsaw and acted as our tour guide as we traveled across Poland by motor coach. We couldn't have asked for a better, friendlier tour guide. Grazyna was always there with a smile to tend to all our needs. And with a group of old folks like us, that wasn't always easy.
Art & Esther Michalec

My wife and I took an Elderhostel trip to Eastern Europe in the fall 2001. We visited Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. In each country we visited we had a local native tour guide who specialized in that country. When my wife and I were in Poland, Grazyna Rychlik was our tour guide and we felt that she was an outstanding guide, very well organized, spoke excellent English, was able to answer almost all our questions on the spot. If she didn't know the answer, she got the information in a short time. She was very familiar with all the areas we visited.
If you plan on visiting Poland I don't think you could make a better choice for a knowledgeable English speaking guide for the entire country.
Rich and Judy Swan
San Diego, CA

We are John & Lesley Bauer, of Milwaukee, WI, USA. We traveled to Poland and Prague July 29 to August 14, 2002. Grazyna was our guide. She is not only a guide, but a GREAT guide! Very friendly and responsive to our needs and requests. We have been on many trips all over the world and she was one of the best guides we ever had. She kept Ed (our fearless leader) in control. She was a pleasure to travel with and we highly recommend her. She can be talked into going on a brewery tour or two!
John & Lesley Bauer

Grazyna was an excellent tour guide on our eight-day visit to Poland in Summer 2005. She was well-organized and unfailingly helpful. No matter how often we bothered her with questions about Poland and requests for help, she responded cheerfully. We learned a great deal and enjoyed her company.
Steve Spellman
Alameda, San Francisco, California

My group of 30 was fortunate to have Grazyna for our guide and leader the summer of 2002. She was very professional with all group arrangements, yet found time to take care of many little things for individuals in my group. I could site many things, but our dinner request of an authentic Polish Dinner was very special. If you are lucky enough to work have Grazyna arrange your tour, you will visit Poland in the very best way. I base my remarks comparing her to those I worked with on 4 other trips to Poland.
Ed Durkin, Director of Link Friendship House
Madison, WI. USA

My wife and I visited Eastern Europe in the spring on 2005. It was a great experience due to the tireless efforts of our tour director during our three-week visit. Grazyna greeted us when we arrived and ensured that we knew at all times what our schedule entailed for each day. She arranged for interesting and well-informed local lecturers and tour guides, provided for ample time to visit interesting spots and possessed a wealth of interesting facts and local lore. Her command and pronunciation of the English language is excellent and she has a great sense of humor. In short, I highly recommend Grazyna to anyone, when they are looking for talented, experienced and responsible tour director.
Diether and Janet van Houten
Sheridan, Wyoming USA

Christine Gardener from Oshkosh, Wisconsin USA. I traveled to Poland in 2002 and Grazyna was a terrific guide, very knowledgeable, very personable and always willing to do more than was expected. She opened up a new world to me. I didn't realize that I would love Poland and the Polish people so much. Seeing Poland through her eyes and guidance was a very enjoyable learning experience. I only wish all guides were as efficient, tolerant, and as much fun as Grazyna. I'd go with her again any time.

Aleksandra Chwatow

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